Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's dance

Dark hair, rugged build...cute, very cute. I have seen him in the halls.  He is a football player, a good one.  I think he plays baseball too...nice.  He smiles at me, I smile back and send him my athletic vibes.  Will he ask me to dance?

"Shhhh, he is coming! Don't look!" I say to my friends as we dance to the music.  He comes up behind me and asks me to dance.

Beatles....Love Me Do...we hold hands, twist and move to the rhythm.  My body feels the immediate energy travel from my fingertips to my toes.  "Is this what love feels like?" I wonder to myself.  We dance and dance and dance. The night is magical, unfortunately i remember that school let's out for Christmas vacation tomorrow. Ahhhggg! Please god, don't let him forget about tonight...

There it is again, a tap on my shoulder.

"Hi, remember me? Can I buy you a soda?" he askes.

A warm smile crosses my face, my body feels warm and tingly, my stomach does a somersault.  All that comes squeaking out of me is a meek "Sure".

One night, that is all it took.  Passion, desire, hunger.   Amazing, wonderful, terrifying....WOW

It is September, I am supposed to be back at school...
Now I sit in my room, alone.  The radio blares out:
Love, love me do, you know I love you...I'll always be pleeeease, love me...

I close my eyes and place my hands on my stomach.  Pregnant, outcast, isolated.  I look down at my growing belly and speak slowly..".this song will always remind me of you..."

"You will grow up loved and do amazing things....I just know it.  You can be whatever you want..."

My hands still on my stomach, I feel my baby kick, I smile, hmmm, maybe a soccer player?

October 1963, I am born in Boston and named Donna.  Placed in foster care.  JFK is  assassinated in November.  By late January 1964, I am on my way to Kentucky to join my new family.

They have named me Anne.

This is my own fictional story of how I came into this world...through love.  That is what I choose to believe.

It is 2015... What are you going to believe in this year? I am going to live in the moment, and move forward and write.

Happy New Year".


  1. I will believe in myself. Live in the moment and continue to take care of my body as well as my mind. Thanks for writing I am enjoying your stories and your questions make me think. I enjoy responding hope that's ok.

    1. You are an inspiration. Your hard work ethic, sense of humor, generosity, and dedication make you unique. Belief in yourself and what you do for others will make this a wonderful year. Thank you for making a difference.