Sunday, February 1, 2015

Love on the Rocks

It just happened.  I remember the specific moment I fell in love.  I did not want it to happen.  It was too soon.  The ink was barely dry from my divorce.  Not was too soon.

It didnt matter, time and time again he proved to me that he was the most caring, sincere, patient  and kind person I had ever been with.  And that was just the beginning of what attracted me to him.  That part was his brilliance, passion, drive and dedication to his work, his friends and his family.

As we stood on the pebble beach at Fort Williams in Maine, both looking out at the expansive ocean before us, his arms were wrapped around my waist.  We could feel the breeze across our faces, and the contrasting warmth of the sun.   He whispered in my ear, "Close your eyes and listen...what do you hear?"

I close my eyes and wonder what he is talking about....all I can hear is his breath and the ocean waves.   I am unclear what he is getting at.  He senses this and continues..."listen again, listen to the sound of the rocks as the water travels through them on thier way in and out."

I listen closer this time...mmmm...mesmerizing, relaxing, soulful....the waves crashing over the rocks with an energizing force and as they retreat, you can actually hear how they soften, and glide gently back to thier home making the most wonderful sound.  Similar to a maraca playing softly in the distance.

I am at complete peace, for the first time in years...I have complete trust in this man.

Love comes from a place deep inside.  We cannot force it, we cannot time it.  It comes when we least expect it.

This man is now my husband....and everyday I learn more about him, falling more and more in love with all of him.  Well, most of the time anyway :)

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