Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mini Me

At any time, on any given day, there will be someone smarter, prettier, stronger, thinner, fitter than me...why do we all have this little mini me that makes sure we don't forget this?  This little voice makes sure we know that we are not quite enough...we should have...we shouldn't have...we can't...

Why do we listen? Who invited this person into our neighborhood? AND....Who moved them in right next door?  She is a nosy, meddling, malicious, busybody.   Making sure you know exactly how she feels about your every move.  

Can we please send this mini me on a permanent vacation somewhere far away?   Why don't we decide to invite only people we really like into our neighborhoods?  

What would your day look and feel like if your mini me had only good things to say...Atta boys, compliments, high fives....and that all the people you are surrounded by ( deep inside your head) genuinely like you!  

I am tired of this negative, hurtful mini me and have decided to send her packing.  I wish her no harm, I just know listening to her is not helpful to me.

I am replacing her with a new neighbor!  She is much more positive, and likes me just the way I am.  I've decided to call her Maxy (maxi me).  She likes the clothes I wear, how I look, what I choose to do, or not do.  We enjoy each others company.  Her voice is that of a good friend, reassuring, comforting, understanding...

I am meeting her for a cup of coffee now...I wish she moved in a  lot sooner!

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