Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mirror Mirror

It was like I was looking into a Mirror as I looked into my friends eyes.  All I could see was the pain and sadness.  I am instantly right there with her...feeling her pain, feeling her sadness and wishing somehow I could just reach inside her and pull it all out.  Take away the sorrow, and fill her with joy.

Wouldn't that be a lipo-suction machine, we could suck the pain, the hurt and the sadness right out, then refill up with happiness, joy and laughter.  Free re-fills no less!

Or would it really?

How would we even know happy, if we were happy all the time? It is the contrast of happy to sad, energetic to tired, angry to enlightened, that makes us experience what life has to offer us.

We cannot take away others pain, yet we can be there...we can listen, hug, support and understand.  We can share a smile and maybe even help make them laugh.  We have to let our friends experience their pain, as hard as it may be for us to watch, it is much harder for them to feel.

We look in a Mirror to see ourselves.  If we are happy and feeling good about ourselves, we usually like what we see....Yet...if we are in pain, sad, afraid, angry, tired, or hungry...we see our reflection and instantaneously tear it apart.  Why do we do that?  Why can't we look in a mirror and smile?  Give ourselves a break?  Know that you are doing the best that you can?  Try pretending that your own reflection of sadness is that of your best friend.  Understand the sadness, support it and share a smile of comfort.

We mirror the feelings of our friends, our sons and daughters, our moms and dads and our partners as if they ar our own, yet we do not own them, they do.  We need not take on their pain.  We must stand strong and lend support.  Become their foundation and support beams to hold them up or catch them if they fall.  You know that they would be there for you.
This friend was my support, my foundation, my oxygen during a time I needed it.  It is my turn, and I all I can do is hope that I can provide all the love and support that I can. 

Sending my love, my strength, my smile and a hug to ANYONE who needs a little support today...

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