Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Who are you really?

How many times do we here the question " What do you do?"

Usually there is no real thought to the answer.  " I am an exercise instructor" I would say.

"Oh, like Richard Simmons?" 

"Ah, umm, well, I guess so."

If your job was taken away...who would you be?

The answer was not easy for me.  Exercise and nutrition have been a major part of my whole life.  Yet, I now find myself in new territory.   I was posed this question just recently by my husband: What is the future you will write for yourself today?  

I have realized that our work does not define us.  We are so much more than that. We have so many wonderful layers...love, care, compassion, friendships, family, talents, hobbies.  Our work does not define us.  I am finding out more about myself every day, and loving the process.  Do I get stuck sometimes? Of course...but that is what makes it so interesting.

What are some of your hidden talents, passions in this life, untapped dreams?  This blog is one of mine.  I have taken a chance, faced a fear, and am loving it.  Thank you all for reading and supporting me through this process.

So, I challenge you to step outside the box, and try something new...

I realize I like to help others feel good about themselves, encourage and support them in thier goals, let them know how much they matter.

Hmmm, interesting, I guess I am a little like Richard Simmons after all! 

Remember, your work does not define you, YOU DEFINE YOU!

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