Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Embracing You!

I am truly honored and grateful to be a small part of this woman's journey.  We never really know where our paths will lead us, yet Cyndi's path, even though it has been filled with many twists and turns,  has led her directly to her purpose.    Throughout her journey there has been enlightenment, there has been discovery, and then there was acceptance...of which she held tightly to, Cyndi was able to find a way to appreciate herself, her body and her right to be happy...NO EASY TASK.

This could be the end of this story...Cyndi could have moved on with her new found confidence within her own world, yet she did not.  She decided to share her journey of discovery and growth. 

Because of her willingness to share, she is now helping others realize that they are not alone.... And that there is a way out of the pain and suffering.  As the founder of the Love Your Body Project, she is living out her mission.  Sharing that you (we) do not have to continue to beat ourselves up because we are not a size 2, we don't have to starve ourselves, we don't have to punish ourselves with exercises we hate.  We are worthy and enough just the way we are. 

Cyndi is an inspirational leader and educator, a compassionate and supportive friend.

My dear friend, I love and admire your willingness to open your heart to others, to hold their hands when things get tough.  You are on the right path...taking the journey you were destined to take.  We are all grateful for your strength and your  courage...  The wind is behind you, moving you forward...we all will follow you...thank you for who you are, and what you do.  

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