Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Support Beam of Friendship

The support beam in a structure is the most important part.  It holds the building up, giving it strength no matter what the weather.  

I have been lucky enough to have the most amazing, strong, determined, resilient, intelligent and hard working support beam to hold me up.  Her name is Dawn....

She has kept me upright, kept me honest, helped me find strength to make hard decisions, and always told it to me straight...even if it was NOT what I wanted to hear.  

Her life has not been easy...I am continually in awe of her work ethic, her strength, her dedication to family and friends and her honest and straight forward nature. As life tested her with rough times, she continually fought back landing on her feet, stronger than before.

As we both navigated the storms of life, Dawn has always been my most influential support beam, keeping me moving forward in my life.  Just Two and a half years ago she even married Tim and I.  Helping set me off sailing to unnavigated waters....knowing I was going in the right direction.

My friend Dawn, words cannot express the care, love and appreciation I have for your continued support, wisdom and guidance. You have given me strength when I was weak, hope when I had none, resilience when I was unsteady, energy and wisdom when I was tired.

Your presence in my life is like no other, you are the true definition of friendship.  Thank you for being you, opening your home to me and sharing in my life.  May we continue to share Christmas granola and Double Birthday wine dates for many years to come...

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