Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Lady with Balls

I am exhausted and exhilarated after spending the last 2 weeks with this incredibly energetic, adventurous, and creative woman....and it does not stop there, she is also a mother, grandmother, wife, traveler, seeker of joy, PE teacher, and more....

There are lucky children in Newburyport MA to be exposed to and enlightened by this woman every week.

Cathy Hill~It has been such a honor and pleasure to have spent the last two weeks with you, your students and your school.  I am sad to leave your energy, your sense of humor and your spirit.  There was never a dull moment, it certainly was an adventure.  Take all those Balls you have and ROCK ON!

I want to thank you for not only the opportunity to share Drums Alive with your school, but also your generosity of opening your home to me and treating me like one of the family.  I am grateful to have gotten to know you better,  You have enriched my life.  

Our lives will continue to cross in different ways in the future, it is inevitable.  We both value savoring the moments that life has to offer, along with our love to drum, move and laugh...

I wish you a journey that provides excitement, curiosity, adventure, play and fun.  No matter what you do, the energy you exude will follow you and will be absorbed by all the lucky people you surround yourself with.  Have a great 79 more days of school :)   I am looking forward to seeing the next adventures of the BALL LADY

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