Friday, January 27, 2017

Overheated, Overinflated, Over the hill…Call AAA!
“I think my body has been inhabited by aliens!  I cry at the drop of a hat, my brain has gone on vacation, it feels like I am sleeping in the hot desert one moment and the frozen tundra the next, and I don’t even know what is happening to my stomach”

Does any of this sound familiar? If you are a woman approaching the age of 40, or well into your 70’s you will understand what I am talking about.  The manic and magical years of menopause. 
I have elicited the help of AAA to help us through this.  The AAA attack of menopause

AWARENESS: What the heck is going on

To be aware of what the body goes through when it is approaching and going through menopause

1.       Your moods are unstable. The fluctuation of hormones creates a sea of sorts of your moods.  You may cry at a commercial, get angry at a seemingly innocent comment, snap at your friend for no reason.  This is normal.  Being aware of the highs and lows can take some stress off of beating yourself up for your feelings.

2.       Your brain is in a fog.  You may feel like you can’t remember anything from minute to minute.  You are working diligently on a task, and suddenly, you brain draws a blank.  Normal, take a breath, get a glass of water, or some nourishment, and move forward. 

3.       You throw your blankets off in a hot sweat, only to be freezing cold within minutes.  The influx of hormones creates this unique hot flash or night sweat within your body.  Think of it as a wave of energy that moves through you, instead of the devil that has swept through. 

4.       Your pants don’t fit the way they used too.   As you move through menopause you may find that your body gains weight.  Usually this weight is gained in the belly (thus the “menopot” saying).  Being aware that there are many things going on in your body that elicits this weight gain can help you move through the menopause years with a kinder and more compassionate inner voice.  One that does not beat you up (thus increasing stress levels and cortisol to only encourage further weight gain).  Strengthening this kind and gentle inner voice can be of great benefit to you in the upcoming years. See: Embracing the Roll

ACCEPTANCE: This is a new chapter of life

To be accepting that our bodies are going through normal changes

1.       Accepting the fact that your body may change as you age.  When you wake up and notice that you do not still have the body you had 10 years ago, and decide you are going to “do something about it”, try to remember that dieting or restricting food OR over exercising will only set you up for further weight gain (95% of dieters regain their weight and sometimes more within 3 years) One of the most advantageous things you can do is accept that your body may change as you get older. Note: I am not saying there are not things we can do (see our ammunition tips below)

2.       Realizing that you are in a different stage of life.  That your body and mind both may be driving you crazy right now, however, these are all normal changes that our bodies make.

3.       Acceptance of skin, hair and nail changes.  These are also normal during menopause.  They are also very different for everyone.  What is happening to your friend, may or may not happen to you.  All of it is normal.

AMMUNITION: Be prepared for the change

There are many things that can help to make this transition easier for you and the people around you

1.       Find some movement you enjoy.  Exercise can be helpful in many ways: 
  • Increase the feel good hormones like endorphins
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Decrease Stress
  • Can help with changes in body due to weight gain
      2.       Nourish yourself with foods that feel good AFTER you eat them.  There can be  some changes in the way your body digests specific foods as you age.  Be aware and pay attention to the way that foods feel after.

3.       Engage in self-care strategies.  Taking care of yourself is extremely important.  It can cut down on stress levels (and cortisol).  Without self-care, you tend to end up pouring out of an empty cup.  Take time to fill yourself back up.   Self-Care looks different for everyone.  What relaxes you?  Here are a few suggestions

a.       Take a walk with a friend or an animal friend
                    b.       Take a bath or shower
                    c.       Get a message, manicure or pedicure
                    d.       Carve out time to read a good book
                    e.       Color, draw, journal or do a crossword
                    f.        Dance or listen to music
                    g.       Find a new hobby or craft
                    h.       Watch a movie
                    i.         Pray

4.       Connect with Nature, nature can decrease stress levels, increase creativity, belonging and self-confidence.
                           a.       Take walks
                           b.       Garden
                           c.      Make a snowman
                           d.       Eat outside or have a picnic when you can

5.       SLEEP.   Sleep is essential to living a full life.  Some tips to get a restful sleep include

a.       Having a relaxation routine before bed.  This could include some light stretching, a cup of tea, journaling, prayer or some soft music
                    b.       Sleep in a dark and cool room
                    c.       Cut off screen time at least 1 hour before bed
                    d.       Keep your phone in another room
                    e.       Avoid drinking caffeine 6 hours before bed
                    f.        Hot flashes and night sweats can interrupt sleep.  Everyone will experience them a                             little differently.  Cutting down on caffiene, spicy foods and alcohol can help
6.       Develop a kinder more self-compassionate voice.  As changes occur in your body and mind, know that these changes are normal.  Be kind and gentle to yourself as you move forward.

When you do not recognize yourself one day when you wake up…like you have been abducted by the aliens of menopause, call AAA.  Being aware of what is happening can be the first step in accepting that you are headed into a new chapter of your life.  Utilize some of this ammunition and move into this amazing chapter with more energy and a giant size cup full of self-care and self-compassion.  Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coaching can help.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Dieting Blame Game

I must be close to winning this game I have been playing for 4 decades.  

I have blamed myself for failure to lose, failure to succeed, failure to sustain.  

I have blamed the diets I have tried...saying they don't work. 

I have blamed the exercise trends for not producing the results they promise...

Blame this, Blame that, Blame me, Blame you...

I have deluded myself that it is someone else fault, my fault.  I don't have enough will power.  I am not strong enough, disciplined enough...bla bla bla...

In actuality...Diets are just specific (usually restrictive) food plans and Exercise fads are just alternative ways to move your body.

What works for your body, and your life, will not necessarily work with mine.  I am different.  You are different.  

The blame does not belong on you, or me, or the diet or the exercise plan. 

weight watchers, jenny craig, opti-fast and zone
deal-a-meal, master cleanse, south beach and clean
paleo, cabbage soup, low fat and OA
scarsdale, dexatrim, gluten free and effedra.

jazzercise, jane fonda, richard simmons and suzanne summers
buns of steal, cross fit, tabata and johnny G
insanity, bootcamp, marathons and HIIT
step, slide, cycle and barre
fitbits, heart rates, target zones and more

Blaming this, Blaming that..
all comes down to this fear of FAT

FAT: Essential Food Nutrient.  Important for structural and metabolic functions
FAT serves as a source of energy in the body.  It serves as a protection mechanism by providing padding around essential organs, and provides insulation from the heat and cold
FAT produces an important hormone (leptin) to help us with satiety

Since when did it become an adjective?  A word that is associated with lazy, ugly, unmotivated, undisciplined, sloppy, unmotivated....

Why have we spent years blaming ourselves for not succeeding as we follow a plan that was not designed for us?

This Blame Game cannot be won by anyone...

It is time to begin to trust YOURSELF...your hunger, your fullness, your internal drive to move your body in a way that feels good to YOU.

Your body is smarter than you think. It knows what it needs, if you just start to listen.

Start this year out by taking responsibility of your choices, and release the blame. 

It is time to let go of the should do's  and the have to's, or the newest diet or exercise trend you see on Facebook or TV. 

You are worthy of eating food, for it will provide you with energy and pleasure
You are worthy of JOY-ful movement, for it will feel good in your body and soul.

Stop playing the blame game and decide to choose what works for you, trust in yourself.  

Need direction?  I can help...Intuitive Eating Coaching releases the blame.  
It is a weigh to finding peace with food and body.  Freedom of the guilt, shame and blame.  

Sunday, January 15, 2017

20% MORE

I see the apple on the table, I hear my stomach growl, I start to calculate as the numbers tick away in my head...60+80=140+50=190+10+120=, too much, just walk away...

I walk up the stairs, thinking of what I had done...20 minutes of core work, step class, 30 minutes of legs...not enough, I should go for a run...

My thoughts continue...

The numbers of calories burned, exercise classes taught or taken, miles run or walked

Calories consumed, calories NOT consumed, points, fat and carb grams counted, Adding and Subtracting; Plotting and Planning 

How much longer do I need to stay on this stair master?  What should my workout look like tomorrow? the day after that? next week?

What will the scale say when I step on it tomorrow?  Have I worked hard enough? Eaten too much?

What will the ALL MIGHTY SCALE say about my worthiness tomorrow?

Minute after minute, day after day, year after year...from 10 years old until almost 50...Over 95% of my thoughts every day tick away thinking about how I can effect the number on the scale.

4 DECADES of my life, I have spent all of my time counting and calculating, shaming and blaming, pushing and pulling. 

I am sad, frustrated, angry and depressed as I come to this realization....Why have I wasted so much time with this non-sense?  

I sit and cry,  I walk and cry, I curl up in a ball and cry as I move through this strange GRIEVING process.  

So many should haves, why didn't I's, your so stupid's...I morn the loss of so many years of my life...until...Exhaustion sets in, I am tired and all dried up from crying.  

It is time to "fish or cut bait" as my dad would say..."shit or get off the pot" my uncle would say...

Stagnation and depression set in...until...

I think about my daughters, how much I love them, how much I want to see them grow, learn, live and love.  

FINALLY, I get it...I need more time...more time in my brain to live here in this world, to live here today...

It becomes apparent that it is time to THROW AWAY:

  • The calorie counter in my brain
  • The scale on the bathroom floor
  • The fit-bit "rewards"
  • The class schedule
  • The "map my run" app
Time to gain back TIME:
  • Time to read and write
  • Time to share time with friends and family
  • Time to reconnect with my body
  • Time to think about what used to bring me joy
  • Time to make a difference

This was me only 4 years ago, and every year since then, I have opened up more space in my head, 20%, 30%, 40% more time to focus on the life I am living.  Less and less time spent on obsessing and calculating.

This valentines day, give yourself the gift of TIME, time to enjoy the life you are living TODAY, in the body that you have TODAY, in the shape that you are in TODAY, at the weight your body is TODAY.  

This is my wish for you...It is SO worth it.

I am here for support and guidance.