Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Dieting Blame Game

I must be close to winning this game I have been playing for 4 decades.  

I have blamed myself for failure to lose, failure to succeed, failure to sustain.  

I have blamed the diets I have tried...saying they don't work. 

I have blamed the exercise trends for not producing the results they promise...

Blame this, Blame that, Blame me, Blame you...

I have deluded myself that it is someone else fault, my fault.  I don't have enough will power.  I am not strong enough, disciplined enough...bla bla bla...

In actuality...Diets are just specific (usually restrictive) food plans and Exercise fads are just alternative ways to move your body.

What works for your body, and your life, will not necessarily work with mine.  I am different.  You are different.  

The blame does not belong on you, or me, or the diet or the exercise plan. 

weight watchers, jenny craig, opti-fast and zone
deal-a-meal, master cleanse, south beach and clean
paleo, cabbage soup, low fat and OA
scarsdale, dexatrim, gluten free and effedra.

jazzercise, jane fonda, richard simmons and suzanne summers
buns of steal, cross fit, tabata and johnny G
insanity, bootcamp, marathons and HIIT
step, slide, cycle and barre
fitbits, heart rates, target zones and more

Blaming this, Blaming that..
all comes down to this fear of FAT

FAT: Essential Food Nutrient.  Important for structural and metabolic functions
FAT serves as a source of energy in the body.  It serves as a protection mechanism by providing padding around essential organs, and provides insulation from the heat and cold
FAT produces an important hormone (leptin) to help us with satiety

Since when did it become an adjective?  A word that is associated with lazy, ugly, unmotivated, undisciplined, sloppy, unmotivated....

Why have we spent years blaming ourselves for not succeeding as we follow a plan that was not designed for us?

This Blame Game cannot be won by anyone...

It is time to begin to trust YOURSELF...your hunger, your fullness, your internal drive to move your body in a way that feels good to YOU.

Your body is smarter than you think. It knows what it needs, if you just start to listen.

Start this year out by taking responsibility of your choices, and release the blame. 

It is time to let go of the should do's  and the have to's, or the newest diet or exercise trend you see on Facebook or TV. 

You are worthy of eating food, for it will provide you with energy and pleasure
You are worthy of JOY-ful movement, for it will feel good in your body and soul.

Stop playing the blame game and decide to choose what works for you, trust in yourself.  

Need direction?  I can help...Intuitive Eating Coaching releases the blame.  
It is a weigh to finding peace with food and body.  Freedom of the guilt, shame and blame.  

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