Sunday, March 5, 2017

How Obeying the Food Police Caused me to have Destructive Thoughts and Disordered Eating Behavior

“You better watch what she eats” the doctor said to my mom, “She weighs more than she should at her age”. 

My mom nodded and looked at my belly. 

It was 1973, the year of Watergate, Roe vs Wade, the ribbon cutting of the world trade center, and the Carly Simons song ‘Your so Vain” played on the radio

This was the year the Food & Diet Police were hired at my home just for me. 


·      Watched the foods I put on my plate
·      Listened closely for the refrigerator door to open or the candy dish lid to be lifted
·      Allowed me only certain foods
·      Let me know that “Only your brother can eat that, you cannot”
·      Asked me, “How could you be hungry?  You just ate “
·      Told me to “Go outside and play, its too early for a snack”

During this time I noticed a steady stream of thoughts and questions that circled around in my brain.

How can I lose weight?
How much more am I going to have to exercise?
What if I can’t lose weight?

Which led to more pressure and more negative thoughts and more obsessiveness to obey the food police.  I felt this drive to keep striving for the approval of my parents, my peers and society.

100% of my time and effort was consumed by keeping my weight in check, keeping up this false idea of what I should look like and striving for this idealized vision of perfection.  I said no to party’s, vacations and invitations to experience life.  The gym became my best friend. I became lost in my compulsion to succeed.

This landed me in the hospital for anorexia nervosa and in the care of multiple psychologists.  It is no wonder I have struggled with food and my body for the last 40+ years. 

It was only when my knee began breaking down that I finally noticed what my body was telling me… I was tired, drained, lacking energy, empty and exhausted. This was the moment I finally realized that it didn’t matter how much time, energy and focus I spent on trying to have the perfect body, meet society’s thin ideal or gain my parent’s acceptance, it was not worth it. 

I knew I had to start listening and respecting my body and it’s needs and fire the food police once and for all.

Tune in next week to learn how and why I finally fired the Food Police and dismissed the thin ideal once and for all.   Also, for your information I will be offering a Free 4 week Intuitive Eating mini-class in March.  Enroll today at

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