Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to Feel Comfortable in your own skin

9 C's to Feeling Comfortable in your own Skin
1.       Are you at war with your own body?
2.       Are you constantly comparing yourself to others or maybe to a version of your younger self?
3.       Do you judge or pick apart your body when you look at yourself in the mirror?
4.       Do you avoid doing things because you don’t want others to see you? 

If so, you are not alone.  Most women I have met throughout my life as a fitness professional and now as an Intuitive Eating coach have said yes to these questions...

I continue to see talented, engaging, smart, compassionate, funny, artistic, dedicated and passionate woman spend their day’s hating themselves when they find me.

Almost 100% of their thoughts every day are focused on things like…good foods and bad foods, what they have eaten or not eaten, what body part they hate, making excuses to go places, counting calories, looking up diets, thinking about their next eating episode, comparing themselves to others, how many calories they have burned, or not burned, how “bad” or “good” they have been, beating themselves up for their lack of “willpower” or the size of their thighs. 

These thoughts ride around and around on well-worn train tracks in their heads.

One of my first goals  is to help CREATE SPACE in their heads for more productive thoughts and activities, things like…

Singing, writing, creating, speaking, motivated, supporting, dancing, sharing, protesting, comforting, communicating, educating and more…

I want to help YOU start the journey to feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Guiding you to realize that you are so much more than a number on a scale or the size of your pants.  I want to encourage you to start appreciating and accepting your body.  

Here are 9 ways I support women JUST LIKE YOU find a path to take better care of yourself and it begins by believing that you are worth it.

-SELF-COMPASSION: Discovering, developing and strengthening a compassionate and kind inner voice that can validate pain, sooth suffering, ward off the mean inner voice and begin to befriend your whole self; body mind and spirit. 

-CHALLENGE you to question your current thoughts and beliefs with nonjudgmental CURIOSITY
o   Why do I think that way?
o   What made me feel that?
o   Why do I say that to myself?

-Give yourself permission to make CHOICES in regards to food, not based on any diet or on any set of rules. 
o   What to eat
o   When to eat
o   How much to eat

-Call upon COURAGE to make a CHANGE to your current thoughts and behaviors.  Our behaviors are linked to our current thoughts.  For example, when you step on a scale and a number pops up, what thoughts come up?  With those thoughts, what are the behaviors that follow?  Connecting the dots from the thought to the behavior creates a pause.  Within this pause change the thought. 

-Build CONFIDENCE through the COMPENTENCE of noticing the thoughts and pausing. By pausing we can question the thought, without judgment.  “Wow, I am such a failure, I might as well go to McDonalds, because it doesn’t matter anyway” to “Wow, that is interesting, why am I feeling like this? Why does a number on a scale provoke these feelings?   I know am doing the best I can right now.  Things have been hard.  I wonder what it is that I need?  Maybe I will take a walk” (take a bath, call a friend to vent, cry, journal etc) . Making a different decision will build more confidence, thus more competence, and so on….

  -Make CONNECTIONS with others who have had the same experiences, this creates validation and a realization that you are not alone.  Having someone to share thoughts and feelings with on your same journey can create a safe space to share.  We know that human connection has many benefits, decrease stress, anxiety, comparison and judgment, increase safety, OK-ness and a sense of well-being.

So when you are ready…
·         Start with some Self-Compassion
·         Be Curious
·         Make Choices
·         Challenge thoughts and Behaviors
·         Have Courage to create Change
·         Gain Confidence and Competence
·         Make Connections

Your body is your home, it is here within your own skin where you can find comfort, and contentment.   
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