Sunday, April 30, 2017

I’m Divorcing Exercise!

Yes, you read that right!  I have decided it is time, after 35 years to divorce Exercise….divorcing the traditional old thoughts, the new trendy thoughts, and everything in between.

I have decided instead to just MOVE.  To move my body because it feels good, period, end of statement.

I decided to let go of the damaging words and voices that I continue to hear in my head over and over again.  I have heard them year after year…decade after decade.  The I should’s, the I need to’s, the I have to’s.

Thus, the decision to divorce myself from the meaning of exercise and begin a new, exciting relationship with movement, joy and play. 

It was time to divorce myself from the old meanings that come up when we mention the word exercise.  Things like:

  • ·       Burning Calories
  • ·       No pain, no gain
  • ·       More is better
  • ·       Feel the burn
  • ·       Push harder and dig deeper

And begin to engage in brand-new meanings like:
  • ·       Feeling good
  • ·       Getting stronger
  • ·       Moving better
  • ·       Having fun
  • ·       Living life

Don’t get me wrong, I understand and support and want to share the numerous benefits that moving our bodies brings us.  That is why I decided to create Shaping Perspectives: A Woman’s Way to Joy. 

We are able to share with you multitudes of activities and movement opportunities and ideas, and give You, our client a chance to think outside the box and experience plenty of different ways to move your body including many ways that you may not have thought of before.

Our clients emerge from their work with us with a different outlook on what it means to move their bodies and they walk away with all kinds of different activities that they are excited about continuing when they get home.

-We make moving your bodies about joy, fun and sustainability.
-We make moving your bodies about function, mobility, strength and confidence
-We create ways to move that help you to live the life you want to live.

Whether your goal is to be able to play a game of kickball with your daughter, hoist your suitcase into the overhead bin, walk the streets of Paris, or to get on the floor to play with your grandchildren, our movement program will get you well on your way.

Summer time is a great time to try new things and to experience new environments.  You can take hikes to trails, mountains, beaches, parks and waterfalls.  You can experiment with kayaking, swimming and paddle boarding.  You can ride a bike into town, play volleyball, foot golf, pickleball or horseshoes, enjoy throwback moments in time by playing hopscotch or hula hooping or take the family to a zoo or museum for time together.

So, what do you say?  Are you ready for a divorce?  A divorce from the should’s and the have tos or the drudgery or boredom of traditional exercise? 

Come find pure joy in moving your body, and as a side benefit notice how good your body it feels both during and after.

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